Product Liability

Product liability is a particularly active area of litigation. The Firm has represented domestic and international insurance companies, manufacturers, distributors and retailers in cases pertaining to a broad array of aircraft and aerospace products, including but not limited to engines, tail rotor bearings, rotorcraft iolite bushings, elastomeric dampers, parachute Automatic Activation Devices (AAD), student harness container parachute systems, aircraft sealants, LOX/Paraffin hybrid rockets, flight control systems, aircraft wiring, aircraft deicing systems, fuel servos, crankshaft gear bolts, aftermarket turbine engine conversions, fuel control units, and autofeathering systems.

The Firm also has concentrated experience in vehicle, pharmaceutical and construction product liability litigation, including cases involving consumer goods, chemicals and power tools to manufacturing equipment, lawn mowers, ladders, cranes, scaffolds, bicycles, ATVs and handguns.

The Firm has defended asbestos and benzene-related claims, multimillion-dollar toxic exposure cases and mass tort litigation.